Pigs on Pasture

Pigs on Pasture

Pigs love to be outside and dig in the pasture for roots, worms, and grubs. This is their natural behaviour and it is important that pigs are allowed to be pigs. We move our pigs onto fresh pasture every day in the spring, summer and fall. This way they can dig holes to wallow in, bask in the sunshine, dig and eat fresh dirt and grass. Our shelters are open for fresh air but have a roof over a portion of the shelter to give them shade and protection from the rain. In the winter they are moved to winter areas where they are given shelter from winter winds, lots of straw to bed down in, and frost-free water.

Our pigs are never in farrowing crates. When it is time for them to farrow (give birth), we move them inside so that they can give birth in comfort. They are given lots of room to move around and lots of bedding. The space has a little heated room with a opening between so that the newborn piglets can come and go as they please between mum and the heat of the little room. We move our pigs inside to farrow as we feel that this is the safest environment for them and the newborn piglets. It also allows us to know that no matter the weather outside the pigs and newborn piglets can be warm and dry.

We do everything that we can do to give our animals healthy and happy lives where they can express their natural behaviours.

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