Answers To Online Ordering Questions

Answers To Online Ordering Questions

Below are some of the common questions we receive about our online ordering.

  • I cant find the product I would like online, is it available?

We do our best to have a wide selection of our products online, however there will always be some items that are not available for online ordering and are only available for purchase in person at one of our own locations. This can be due to the amount that we have available every week, demand or deliverability. We recommend placing an order online and selecting our free instore pickup if there are additional items you would like to purchase. This way you can pre-purchase some of your order online to take advantage of our website specials and still pickup the other items when you are in the store picking up your pre-order.


  • When I select delivery does that mean it gets delivered to my house, or delivered to a pickup location?

When you select delivery, we deliver it right to your home. If you would prefer to pickup, please select one of our pickup locations.


  • What about delivery during the summer?

We will still drop of your order at your door during the summer. Because meat is a perishable product we would highly recommend having someone home on your delivery day to receive the product. If someone is not available on delivery day please select instore pickup at one of our own locations. That way your order will be kept frozen until you are able to pick it up. If you prefer Curbside pickup is available at locations in Edmonton or Calgary. For more information about curbside locations please call the farm office 1-877-393-3133.


  • The delivery window is 9am to 9pm. Is it possible to get a smaller delivery window or approximate delivery time?

We are not able to offer smaller delivery windows or an approximate delivery time. The time of day your order will arrive is dependant on the number of orders that we have to deliver that day, where the delivery locations are, traffic and road conditions.


  • Do you deliver to rural areas or cities that are not listed as an option on the website?

No. We are only able to offer delivery to the cities that are listed on the website.


  • Is the $7.95 delivery fee a flat rate delivery fee?

Yes. You can order one item or 20 items and your delivery fee will be $7.95.


  • Can I order eggs for delivery?

No. At this time we do not have eggs available for delivery, as we are concerned that the eggs would get cracked before you receive them. We are working on a solution to this and hope to have them available for delivery soon. Watch our website, social media or sign up for our email newsletter to stay informed about when they will be available for delivery. (to sign up for our email newsletter, scroll to the bottom of our website home page and enter your email address under Keep In Touch)


  • Are the discounted boxes that are online available at your locations?

No. The discounted pre-made boxes available online are not available at our own locations, however individual packages of our products are available. Some of our own locations also have a limited selection of pre-boxed products but these boxes may not match the weights, sizes and prices of the boxes available online.


  • The item that I want is sold out. Can I be put on a waiting list for it?

I am sorry but we do not have waiting lists for our products. We would recommend checking the website often to see when we have added more of that item.


We hope that this helps answer some of the questions you may have about ordering online. If you have any others please contact us via email , by phone 1-877-393-3133, or by messaging us through social media

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