Our Farm's Values

Our Farm's Values

Our Values:

We believe that we are stewards of the land and that we should leave it in a better state than when we got it. We do our best to work with Mother Nature and not against it.

We believe that our children and grandchildren have the right to be raised in a healthy environment.

We believe that animals should be treated kindly, humanely, and ethically, and have access to fresh air, clean water and sunshine.

We believe that a healthy environment and low stress, grows healthy animals, which reduces disease and the need for medications


Certified Organic

Certified Organic is your assurance that the product has complied with the Canadian Organic Standards and that we have been inspected to ensure that we are following the standard. Certified Organic includes: no chemical pesticides, herbicides; no GMO’s; the promotion of diversity and soil health; and a higher standard of animal welfare. We believe that organic is better for your health, the animal’s health and the health of the environment.


Certified Humane

By buying certified humane products you know that the meat that you are purchasing came from an animal that was treated humanely and with respect. The Certified Humane program is based on the five freedoms of animal welfare: Freedom from hunger and thirst; Freedom from pain, injury, and disease; Freedom from distress; Freedom from discomfort; Freedom to express behaviors that promote well-being.  We strongly believe that animals should be treated with respect from birth through death.


Grass Fed

When we feed animals their original diet, we are feeding them food that is most in harmony with their digestive system. For Cattle this means a 100% grass fed diet. For poultry and pigs, it means access to pasture during the spring, summer and fall along with high quality organic free choice feed.  This naturally produces healthier animals.


Celiac Safe and Allergy Free

We, the Hamilton family, are celiac’s and have severe food allergies. All our sausages, hot dogs, bacon and deli meats are free of gluten, soy, egg, dairy, corn (no fillers), nitrates, sulphates, MSG (no fillers, chemicals or preservatives). Just healthy meat and certified organic spices. Certified Organic honey and maple syrup are used as sweeteners (no refined sugars or corn syrups). Healthy, simple, great tasting food.


We want to grow good, healthy food for our customers.

Your Farmers

Ron and Sheila

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