Whole, Half and Mixed Quarter Beef

Whole, Half and Mixed Quarter Beef

Looking to fill your freezer with our organic, 100% grass fed beef? We sell our beef by the whole, half or mixed quarter. A Mixed Quarter is made up of one quarter of all the cuts that would come from one whole beef. Purchasing beef by the whole, half or quarter is an economical way to purchase large amounts of our beef at once and know that you have some in your freezer.

Ordering a whole, half or mixed quarter of beef can be a complicated endeavor. We have done our best to make this as simple as possible for you and for us and our staff. We charge a flat price per kilogram for each whole, half or quarter. (All costs are included in this price. There are no added cut and wrap fees or charges.) Each whole, half or quarter also contains a specific number of each cut of beef so you know exactly what you will be getting.

Your order will come in boxes. In Edmonton and area pickup at the farm or free delivery is available.  In the Calgary area pickup would be at our own location in the Fresh and Local Market and Kitchens.

The meat you receive will be frozen and vacuum packed in order to give you the longest life in the freezer. (Beef bones will not be vacuum packed as the bones puncture the cryovac bag too easily.)

All items will be labeled with the name of the item.

No substitutions are available for any of the cuts in our wholes, halves or quarters. The reason that we are able to bring this to you at this price is that we are able to save on labour costs. If you would like to add more of certain cuts of beef, or buy any of our beef sausages or deli meats you can order these by phone when you place your order. You can also add some of our chicken, turkey, pork, eggs, sausages and deli meats (either individual packages or our online boxes) to you order.  These additional items can be picked up with your order or delivered to your door.

Are you sharing your whole, half or quarter with a family member or friend? We will not be able to divide the orders into smaller portions. If you are sharing with someone you will be responsible for dividing it up with them at home.

Freezer Room Needed. We are often asked how much room do I need in my freezer to accommodate a whole, half or quarter beef. For a quarter beef you would need approx. 7 cubic feet of freezer room. For a half you would need approx. 14 cubic feet and for a whole you would need approx. 28 cubic feet.

We take a $100 non-refundable deposit per quarter at the time you place your order. The deposit for 1 quarter is $100, for a half is $200 and for a whole is $400. We need your order placed three weeks before you would like to pick up your meat.

Since we are only able to take a limited number of whole, half or mixed quarter beef orders every week please call us at the farm 1-877-393-3133 to place your order.

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