How We Raise 100% Grass Fed Beef Year Round

How We Raise 100% Grass Fed Beef Year Round

All of our beef is 100% grass fed year-round. In the fall we graze our cattle on the grass for as long as possible without overgrazing the land. This balance of letting the cattle use up the grass while leaving enough to provide new organic matter to the soil and enough height so that it will catch the blowing snow is a balance that requires us to continually monitor the amount of grass that remains and move the cattle to the winter pasture at the perfect time.  This summer we had great grass growing weather and so the cattle were able to graze on our remaining grass right up to Nov 2 when the first big snow came.

Once we no longer have grass for them to graze or the grass that is available is covered with too much snow we move them to a large winter pasture where they are given lots room to move, shelter from the wind with large windbreaks and fresh water that is pumped from our dugouts using a frost free solar powered pump. The cattle are provided with lots of certified organic straw for them to bed down in. This keeps them dry, warm and off the ground when they sleep.

The cattle are fed organic hay harvested from our own organic grass lands. The grass is cut, sun dried and then rolled into large round bales. The bales are put through a bale processor that chops the bales into shorter stems of grass, making it easier for the cattle to digest. This chopped grass is then placed into large bunk style feeders. We use bunk feeders in the winter for the hay in order to keep the hay, dry, clean and off the ground. The cattle are able to eat the hay in the feeders whenever they want. We also give the cattle alfalfa pellets and naturally sourced minerals daily. Alfalfa pellets are alfalfa grass that is harvested at its peak nutrition, dried, crumbled and then pressed into pellets in order to maintain its nutrition and also make it less dusty and easier to handle. This provides some concentrated energy and protein for the cattle. In the spring we closely monitor the grass growth in order to let the cattle start grazing as soon as the grass has gown enough to be able to regrow after being grazed.

We are proud to be able to say that we raise 100% grass fed beef year-round. Grass fed beef is healthier for the cattle, the environment and the consumer.

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Ron and Sheila

Pictures are of this years winter pasture for the cattle including windbreaks and bunk feeders and a picture of our cattle.

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