Reconnecting With How Your Food Is Grown

Reconnecting With How Your Food Is Grown

In an age where we are often very disconnected from where and how our food is grown it is extremely important for us to reconnect with our rural roots by asking questions as to how and where our food is raised. We love answering people’s questions about the animals and how they are raised.  We are able to explain why we farm the way we farm, the importance of it and the realities of raising livestock. We think it is extremely important that we ask these questions so that we can reconnect ourselves, our children and grandchildren with the food that they eat.

If you see us (Ron or Sheila) at a farmers market please come and say hi and ask your questions. We would love to answer your questions in person. If you are not able to catch us at one of our farmers market stalls then please call the farm and talk to our daughter Shae or email us. No question is to small and we strive to answer all of our emails as quickly as possible.

Knowing how your food is grown, raised or processed is important because how we spend our food dollars is changing the world. More and more large companies are changing the way they produce, buy, and manufacture to match what the consumers are telling them through thir purchases. One only has to look at the move away from artificial flavorings and colorings towards natural alternatives to see the power that we have as a consumer. By asking questions about your food and then purchasing them you are being an active and informed participant in how your food is produced and raised. By purchasing more organic products you are encouraging more farm land to be put into organic production and more organic food to become available.

When we buy a new appliance or vehicle we carefully consider the pros and cons about the purchase. We shop around and ask questions about the different brands and features that are available. We should try and put the same amount of effort and consideration into the food that we put into our bodies. We should ask the questions and do the research.

Each Labor Day Monday we invite our customers out to see the farm. They can see how our chickens, turkeys and laying hens are raised in the winter and the summer and see our cattle, sheep and pigs in the pasture eating the grass. We love seeing the children looking at the animals and the birds and seeing that this is where their food comes from. We do not change anything on this day. If it is a dry year you will see the dust and thin grass. If it is a wet year you will walk in the mud and the wet lush grass. It is a wonderful day rain or shine when you can join with other people who are interested in the way that their food is raised and ask questions directly to the people who raise your food.

When you eat our food, we want you to feel proud that you are supporting, organic, humane and sustainable agriculture. We want you to feel connected to your food and your farmer.  We are passionate about raising pure, clean food for your family.

Your organic farmers

Ron and Sheila

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