Organic Sausages, Bacon and Deli Meats

We believe in the importance of eating pure food for our health and for the environment.

All of our sausages, bacon, ham’s and deli meats contain only certified organic meat, certified organic spices and certified organic maple syrup or honey. We believe that you should know exactly what you’re eating without having to get out the dictionary or be a chemist.  All of our specialty meats are Celiac safe and common allergen free.

We are proud that our products contain no nitrates, no nitrites, no sulphates, no sulfites, no MSG, zero preservatives and are dairy, nut and gluten free (no fillers). We make all of our sausages, bacon and deli meats in our own certified organic sausage processing facility. This facility is inspected by Alberta Health and Organic Inspected annually with spot inspections. These specialty meats are made using state of the art equipment in our new sausage processing facility and are vacuum packed for your convenience and safety. This ensures that we can make the best and safest products for you.

All the spices that are used are certified organic, gluten free and are mixed on site. No prepackaged spice mixes are used. By using certified organic spices it means that they contain no herbicide or pesticide residues, no preservatives and no chemical (or any) anti caking agents. No nuts are used and no nuts are allowed in our sausage making facility. All smoked products are naturally smoked; no artificial or liquid smoke is used. This results in a beautiful delicate smoke flavour. We do not use binders or chemicals in the products, no potato flakes, bread crumbs or oatmeal is used. All of our products are gluten free. Our certified organic meat and certified organic spices produce a pure undiluted taste. Truly an artisanal product and flavor.

  • We do not use, Sodium Erythrobate, Polysorbate 80, Cultured Celery Salt, Sulfites, sulfates, Nitrites and Nitrates.
  • We do not use artificial colors
  • We are Gluten Free
  • We are Dairy Free
  • We are Nut Free
  • We are Low in Salt

At Sunworks Farm we are committed to providing you with the purest, healthiest and best tasting sausages possible!