Certified Organic Pork

All of our pigs are certified organic and humanely raised. They produce a lean delicious meat that you can feel good about eating

All of our pigs are raised outdoors in  the summer. This allows for natural behaviour, rooting with their snout and wallowing in the dirt. It also protects the land from getting too rooted and prevents them from sleeping and wallowing in their own manure. They are given access to the sun with shade provided for hot days.

The pigs are provided with clean certified organic feed. This means that the feed has been inspected and the grains have been grown without the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides.  No alternative feeds are used: stale bread and pastries, dated candy, restaurant waste, bad produce and grocery store dumpster garbage; distiller’s grain or dairy waste. They are only given certified organic grains, legumes, certified organic vitamins and minerals which is mainly kelp and mineralized salt. Clean water is provided at all times though waterers that allow for a constant flow of clean water. A safe and clean environment is provided for them to live at all times.

The piglets are born without the use of gestation crates and the sows have room to move around and take care of their piglets. They are born on the farm and are fed no antibiotics, growth promotants or animal by-products. No insecticides are used for de-worming. No Ractopamine is used. This is a drug that is sometimes used in commercial pork production. It is used to keep the pigs lean while maximizing their weight gain. The pigs are inspected yearly as part of our organic inspection. They are also inspected and there living conditions assessed annually by the Certified Humane animal welfare program.

In the winter the pigs are housed outside and allowed to make deep warm beds in an abundance of straw. 

They are processed at a local processor that is family run, provincially inspected and humane certified.  After they are processed they are transported to our own butcher facility here on the farm to ensure the utmost quality. At our butcher shop our trained staff cut up and package the meat in vacuum packages to ensure freshness. We process our pigs year round so you can have fresh organic pork year round.  All of our bacon, hams and sausages are made with only our certified organic pork meat, certified organic spices and honey or maple syrup. Any smoked cuts are made using natural smoke and no artificial or liquid smoke. No artificial preservatives or colour additives are used.

Our pork is raised with respect and compassion to Certified Humane standards. We know that you will not eat better or healthier pork.