Certified Organic Chicken and Turkey

We believe that raising and eating meat that is certified organic and certified humane is important for the health of the earth, health of the people and the health of the planet.

We receive our chicken and turkey chicks when they are less than 12 hours old straight from the hatchery. The first food and water   that they receive is at our farm. They are placed in nice warm clean barns that have lots of water, feed, clean shavings and natural light.  They are given lots of room to grow, move and run around.

The feed that they receive throughout their life is Certified Organic and made from certified organic grains, organic legumes and organic minerals and vitamins. Certified organic feed means that all of the ingredients of the feed is certified organic and has not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. No animal by-products, antibiotics, arsenic, or heavy metals are added to the feed. Our feed is tested for pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics. This ensures that the feed is as pure as possible.  We source our grains from Alberta and Saskatchewan which allows us to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

In the summer the chickens are moved out to the movable outdoor chicken shelters at 4 weeks of age and the turkeys are moved out at 6 weeks of age. At this age they are old enough and have enough feathers to keep them warm and dry during cooler days and nights. Starting in May and straight through until late October our chickens and turkeys are raised in large movable shelters that have attached ranges which are moved onto fresh grass daily. This allows them to eat the grass, hunt for bugs and worms and exhibit natural behaviors like scratching and dust bathing. They are well suited to living outdoors and grow a wonderful moist and tasty meat.

In the winter the chickens and Christmas turkeys are raised indoors in barns that have lots of windows to allow the natural light in. They are also kept clean and dry by using wood shavings. In the winter they are given alfalfa pellets in their feed that ensures that they get their greens.  They are given lots of room to move around and are not caged or crowded. Throughout their life they are raised to Certified Humane standards and they inspect us annually to ensure that the birds and all animals are being raised humanly.

When they are big enough the birds are processed in our own government inspected poultry processing plant, located right here on the farm. They are processed and vacuumed pack to ensure their freshness. We have fresh chicken available 52 weeks a year.  Our fresh turkey is available year round and we have lots of turkeys available for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

We know that this is the best and healthiest chicken and turkey that you will ever eat.