Shipping Policy

Free pickup at one of our own locations: We will send your order to the location you selected for pickup on the pickup day indicated on your order confirmation email. When you arrive, please give us your name and we will get your order for you.

Delivery is only available in the cities listed for delivery. We cannot deliver to rural properties.

Delivery to your house: You do not have to be home for delivery. We will leave your order on your front step. However because meat is a perishable product we highly recommend that you are at home on the delivery day, especially in the spring, summer and fall when the days are warm as products can thaw quickly. If you are not going to be at home for a few hours on delivery day and are concerned about the meat thawing you can leave some coolers on your front step with a large note letting our driver know to put your Sunworks order in the coolers. Our driver will then do their best to get as much of your order into the coolers as possible.

Apartments: We will deliver to apartment buildings. We will ring the buzzer or call you to let you know that we have arrived with your order. If you are not at home we will not leave your order in the lobby, vestibule or common area of the apartment building. We will leave a message on your phone letting you know who to contact to arrange for redelivery or pickup of your order.