You can now order our pork side bacon and our pork maple bacon through our online store!

You can now order our pork side bacon and our pork maple bacon through our online store!

For many years we have never had enough side bacon to take pre-orders for it. It was always the one item that sold out every week. As demand for all of our pork has slowly increased we have been able to increase our pork herd and are now able to make enough bacon every week to be able to offer it for pre-order through our online store.

We have two flavours of bacon that we make on alternating weeks. Our Pork Side Bacon contains just our organic pork, spices and salt. Since it contains no maple syrup or other sweetener it is perfect for those on a keto diet or those looking at reducing their sugar intake. Our Maple Bacon has real maple syurp added to it to give it authentic maple flavour. Both are naturally smoked in our on-farm smoker and like all our products our bacon does not contain any cultured celery extract, MSG, nitrates, nitrites, sulfates, sulphites, egg, gluten, dairy, peanuts or tree nuts.

Cultured celery extract or other cultured plant extracts are a form of nitrates and nitrites and are regulated by the Canadian government. Any product that is labeled as “cured” has to contain a minimum amount of nitrates or nitrites. This extract is now being used a lot in natural products however they still are required by law to contain the same amount of nitrates and nitrites as the conventional cured products. We do not use any cultured celery (or any vegetable) extract, MSG, nitrates, nitrites, sulfates, or sulphites in any of our products.

The fat content in every package of bacon will vary quite a bit. We do not use any drugs (including ractopamine, antibiotics), appetite stimulants or appetite depressants to control the fattiness of our pigs. For this reason, the amount of fat on each pig naturally varies and therefor so does the fat content of the bacon.

We have always made products that were as clean as possible so that we could feel good about what we were feeding our children and now our grandchildren. Our granddaughters favourite food has always been our bacon and we feel good knowing that she is eating a product that is free of chemical preservatives, cultured plant extracts and is made from pigs that we raise here on our farm that have been allowed to grow naturally without being fed drugs to artificially control their growth.

The picture is of our granddaughter when she was 4 showing off her favourite food, our bacon. It is still one of our favourite pictures of her.

To order online please visit our website . We will be adding bacon boxes to the website every week so if we are sold out one week please check the website again the next week.

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