Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Many people purchase organic food as they know that it is the best way to reduce the amount of pesticides and herbicides they ingest and improve their and their families health. But organic is about more then just the food. Organic has a huge positive impact on the environment as a whole and what is good for the earth is good for all of us! Here are just some of the ways that organic production helps the environment.

1. "There are multiple studies showing that organic production is better for both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering carbon in the soil".

2. "Organic farming techniques have long been proven to help foster and restore soil health"

3."Organic farming practices increase important and beneficial biodiversity"

4."Every year more and more evidence comes out showing the multitude of benefits organic farming provides pollinator communities."

Read the full article here www.onlyorganic.org

Although from an American website the benefits of organic agriculture are world wide.

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